Accessible Covid-19 Data for India

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Source Information - All the data sources are collected from the State Media Bulletin board. Currently only limited states are available.

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Delhi COVID-19 Health Bulletin

This data was last updated on 23rd September 2021.

COVID-19 Data
Positive Cases 48
Tests Conducted 70533
Positivity Rate 0.07%
Recovered 26
Deaths 00
COVID-19 Patient Management
Total beds Occupied Vacant
Hospital 11804 248 11556
COVID Care Centre 3871 03 3862
COVID Health Centre 151 0 151
COVID-19 Testing Status
RTPCR tests conducted in last 24 hours 48971
Rapid antigen test conducted in last 24 hours 21562
Total tests done so far 27208513
Tests per million 1432027
COVID-19 Vaccination Status
Beneficiaries vaccinated in last 24 hours 176379
Beneficiaries vaccinated 1st dose in last 24 hours 86691
Beneficiaries vaccinated 2nd dose in last 24 hours 89688
Cumulative beneficiaries vaccinated so far 16571857
Cumulative beneficiaries vaccinated 1st dose so far 11484674
Cumulative beneficiaries vaccinated 2nd dose so far 5087183
COVID-19 Positive Cases Status Cumulative
Cumulative Positive Cases 1438634
Cumulative Positivity Rate 5.29%
Recovered/Discharged/Migrated 1413116
Deaths 25085
Case Fatality Rate 1.74%
Active Cases 433